Lose Weight While In Quarantine

Join The 28 Day

Get Down Challenge®

Join the group and lose those pesky pounds in our 28 Day Get Down Challenge®



We invite you to join us for our newly released…


...28 Day Get Down Challenge®...


...at no charge.


This program is a complete step by step system…


...anyone can use to lose those pesky pounds.


Each day we unlock a new meal plan…


...complete with recipes and guidelines for you to follow the following day.


You get shopping guidelines for affordable shopping…


...so you can easily shop your waist thin.


You also get an optional supplement protocol…


...as well as a smoothie builder.


The easy to follow online program also gives you guidance on nutrition and physical activity and much more.


We would normally charge for this program…


...and we may do so in the future but…


...but for now you can join the program at no charge.


This program is designed to be complete with everything you need to get slim…


...while at the same time being something simple that does not require


- much time

- tough workouts

- or any kind of drastic life changes.


So come and join the fun.


At A Better Weigh, Inc., we want to jumpstart you to better health.

Balancing work, family, and friends, while finding consistency in nutrition and exercise may be challenging at times.


Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” nutrition plan or a magic pill that will give you the body you desire.


However, through research-based interventions and the assistance of this guide, we hope to inspire you to work towards those goals and reach them faster!

Think of your body as a complex machine that needs the proper fuel.

Food comes in many forms and varieties, similar to fuel, but there is only one type that is the best choice to run your machine.

Understanding your body and its individual needs, along with the proper balance of nutrients is the first step on your path to wellness and reaching your full potential.


Don’t let the thought of “eating right” scare you. There are no wrong foods out there. Balance and
moderation is key.

As with any diet and exercise program, you should consult with the professionals at A Better Weigh, Inc. before starting the 28-Day Challenge. The challenge is intended to supplement – not replace –medical care or advice as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The information you receive from your coach and from within this guide should be used in conjunction with the guidance from A Better Weigh, Inc.’s health professionals, especially if you take insulin or other hormones for any health condition.

If you do not feel well, or experience any health issues during the challenge, STOP and contact your A Better Weigh, Inc.’s staff immediately.